Listen Like the Moon

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A troubled raccoon climbed to the top of a house and sat, looking up at the sky. The Moon greeted her with a warm smile. The raccoon could no longer control herself and blurted out, “It’s so unfair!” She explained to the moon how the other raccoons steal her best foraging spots, and don’t help to find more. The Moon listened quietly, not juding, not trying to solve her problem. The raccoon felt better and they enjoyed the rest of the night, lost in the stars.

The next night, a panda, wandered through the grassland crying because one of his friends had wrecked his bamboo fort. He complained to the Moon, who spilled her gentle light onto the panda’s tears. The panda felt the comfort of the Moon’s reserved understanding.

Another night, a confused fox asked the Moon whom to marry. The Moon smiled and let the fox weigh the merits of each, and the merits of not marrying at all, while gently accepting everything the fox had to say. The fox made up its own mind and thanked the Moon for her counsel.

On yet another night, an eagle soared to the top of a tree and asked the Moon what he should do. The Wind destroyed his nest. Should he rebuild it? Should he move to another tree? The vexed eagle left his pain at the Moon’s feet. The Moon bathed him with a hug of her cream light and her shining face comforted the eagle. The eagle knew just what to do.

Then one day, a giraffe who couldn’t sleep, stood starring at the Moon. She explained how her mind filled with thoughts, and she never felt relaxed enough to dream. The Moon understood. With a gentle nod she listed to the giraffe. After a few hours, the giraffe felt unburdened and sleepy. Before nodding off, the giraffe looked at the happy face of the silent Moon and asked, “How did you get to be such a good listener?” The Moon winked and replied,

“Lot’s of practice.”

Listen Like the Moon