The Difference of Your Different

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I used to want tan fur. Being born purple meant I was different, and no matter what I did, or where I went, the purple came with me. Learning to love the fur you’re born with takes a long time, espcially when others raise their noses as you pass. I’ve learned, llamas who yell the loudest are covering up what they hear when they are quiet. You see, those who denegrate others, feel uneasy with themselves, and by spreading that feeling, they try to keep every llama uneasy. Somehow, that gives them comfort. I have compasion for any llama who spreads their sadness just to try to feel better. They need to cuddle in my soft, peaceful fur. There are billions of llamas, many more like you inside than you realize. You have only to look at yourself in a still pool and see the sky behind you, to realize the universe welcomes you, no matter what reflection you see. The sky unfolds above you, as it does every other llama. The stars, the planets and the galaxy, in their expanse, welcome you as you are. As do I. To the sky and stars, your different makes no difference. So ask yourself, what is different? It is a celebration of all the ways DNA can come together to make a llama…

…but your llamaness makes you you.

The Difference of Different